• “This tweet is unavailable” – it can mean 3 different things

This post is unavailable 😉

Nothing sinister, just that when I wrote it in 2016 it accurately reflected what was going on. In 2019 Twitter’s changed things again and this post doesn’t yet reflect the changes. So I’m taking another look and will restore this post once done.

The sign often looks like this but there are a number of variations.

This tweet is unavailable - as seen in a reply

It can appear if you’ve blocked someone, or if they’ve blocked you, or if you’ve muted them, or if they’ve deleted the tweet, or if the account-holder’s tweets are not being displayed by Twitter for some reason. Locked accounts I’m not sure about yet, I plan to investigate and report back.

Original post is below as a .docx
How to do Techy Stuff – This tweet is not available



23 thoughts on “• “This tweet is unavailable” – it can mean 3 different things

  1. There are definitely other (unexplained) reasons for this too. For example: someone can “quote retweet” their own tweet, and it will sometimes display the “unavailable” message. Obviously they didn’t block themselves, and I am not blocked (or blocking them) because I am seeing it, so I can’t explain why it happens.

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      • You can’t delete someone else’s reply or tweet but I take your point that deleting your own tweet would break the link between yours and theirs. Any normal (visible) reply carries information about to whom it was sent so even if the initial tweet is later deleted and the thread is broken it would still be possible to come across / search for or otherwise find the reply. In this case though it seems that the unavailable tweet doesn’t exist so would not be findable. However I don’t know how these unavailable replies get to be like that and whether or not Twitter’s removed them from public view or if it’s just that the sender thought better of it.

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  2. From time to time I see it for all of my Tweets anywhere not on my own profile page, or one I have open directly. How I know: on a PC with two different browsers, one logged in, the other not. The one that is not logged in I go to a tweet thread I know I have tweets in and I keep this page open. When I suspect it has happened (zip notifications for an extended period) I refresh the page. This has lasted up to 48 hours and usually when I have posted on topic unpopular to some of a particular political view.

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    • Yes, I suppose it would show up like that. Retweeting a private account could only be done by copying the link to the tweet as the RT options are disabled on locked Twitter accounts. I’ve never tried it to see though 🙂


  3. So, I followed someone, exchanged few comments on their arts, didnt followed back but commened on my things. Now ALL that is a comment tweet from her to anyone (me or others or on her own posts) showing for me as ‘tweet unavaiable’. But I see her main posts. Can tweet her and everything, she even responds but her responds are “tweet unavaiable” and didn’t get notif about it.. the heck?

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    • I’ve no idea what’s going on there, that does sound strange. It’s quite possible that Twitter uses the “tweet unavailable” message for other things that I haven’t discovered yet.


  4. I’m seeing it show up when I read a tweet by someone I follow who has apparently been blocked by the person to whom it was a direct tweet. In other words, I can read the tweet in my feed, but it doesn’t appear along with other tweets in the feed of the person to whom it was directed.


    • I’m not *quite* sure what you mean. I’ve only ever seen this appear within a quote tweet – and it certainly indicates if someone else has been blocked, yes. But it also sounds like you’re describing something slightly different…? Don’t forget that any ad blocker can also affect tweet visibility (though I don’t think it affects the presence or absence of the ‘this tweet..’ notification.


  5. My replies and things I comment are “tweet unavailable” I went on another account to see them and I didn’t block myself on any of the accounts, I also saw it with the 3rd account I made and the comments and replies aren’t visible and idk why?


    • It could be several things: the account may be locked and not followed by you, they might have deleted the tweet or Twitter may have hidden it. The ‘Tweet unavailable’ notice seems to be showing up a lot more recently.


  6. This is happening to me. It’s a post that I posted on my own page. First, it automatically tweets from my WordPress. Then, I have to retweet it with tags, because it doesn’t automatically transfer the tags. Then, I delete the original, untangled tweet. Now, it still has the tags, but the blog post is gone and says “no longer available.”


  7. Are you quote tweeting the automated tweet, adding tags, then deleting the original tweet? If so I’m afraid the action of deleting the tweet will wipe it from your quoted version. It would be better to copy and paste the post’s title, URL and add any tags you want to a fresh tweet.

    You can switch off autoposts for your WordPress blog as a whole, or just for individual posts if you like.


  8. This article is bumpkus….I have just created a brand new account with a brand new ip and I still see it. This means it doesn’t have anything to do with being blocked by someone and more to do with admin censoring tweets when they profess they dont do that.


    • Try reading the update, which was published a whole month before your comment 😉 Locked accounts could well show up in this way too, it seems to mean an almost limitless range of things that have nothing to do with blocking. Twitter is very clear that it often doesn’t show all tweets.


  9. Literally my friends are trying to view my thread. We’re following each other on Twitter and ive even posted threads before. The posts show up individually when linked to my friends but not in the thread…


    • Twitter’s use of the replacement “not available” banner seems to have expanded quite a bit recently and I’m now seeing it almost constantly in long threads. It’s become almost impossible to make much sense of what it is that Twitter’s trying to communicate. This is also complicated as people now have different ‘versions’ of Twitter – after it brought in the dire #NewTwitter lots of people used browser add-ons to restore #OldTwitter and it’s possible we are all seeing different things. Which makes it much harder for anyone to guess what others are seeing, or what it means.


    • I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean by the title of the tweet. I’ve only ever seen the phrase replace the text of the tweet, there wasn’t a title..?


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