• “This tweet is unavailable” – it can mean 3 different things

Well of course it might mean more but these are the three meanings I’ve found for it after puzzling over its appearance. I’m talking about this –

Cyh622SXAAcBiJh.jpg large.jpg

– which shows up on the desktop (website / browser) version of Twitter.

As far as I can tell you’ll see this pop up in tweets if

  1. the tweet has been deleted
  2. you have blocked the sender
  3. the original sender of the tweet has blocked you

But it’s the same message for each so you have to click through to the tweet to find out.

  1. If it’s been deleted then you’ll see a ‘tweet not here’ page
  2. If you’ve blocked the sender you will be able to see the tweet once you’ve clicked on it, and it will show you a button to indicate that you’ve blocked the person
  3. If you’ve been blocked then you’ll see a page telling you you’re not authorised to view the tweet, and the page’s address will include “visibility_check=true”. If you want to view it you’ll have to log out first, or use a differerent account, or a third party app

The slightly odd thing is that if you’re blocked other people can still see that the tweet is unavailable (they see what you see in other words), so Twitter informs other people that you’re blocked.

Possibly there are other times when the ‘This tweet is unavailable’ note appears, let me know if you’ve found another case.



10 thoughts on “• “This tweet is unavailable” – it can mean 3 different things

  1. There are definitely other (unexplained) reasons for this too. For example: someone can “quote retweet” their own tweet, and it will sometimes display the “unavailable” message. Obviously they didn’t block themselves, and I am not blocked (or blocking them) because I am seeing it, so I can’t explain why it happens.

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  2. From time to time I see it for all of my Tweets anywhere not on my own profile page, or one I have open directly. How I know: on a PC with two different browsers, one logged in, the other not. The one that is not logged in I go to a tweet thread I know I have tweets in and I keep this page open. When I suspect it has happened (zip notifications for an extended period) I refresh the page. This has lasted up to 48 hours and usually when I have posted on topic unpopular to some of a particular political view.

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    • Yes, I suppose it would show up like that. Retweeting a private account could only be done by copying the link to the tweet as the RT options are disabled on locked Twitter accounts. I’ve never tried it to see though 🙂


  3. So, I followed someone, exchanged few comments on their arts, didnt followed back but commened on my things. Now ALL that is a comment tweet from her to anyone (me or others or on her own posts) showing for me as ‘tweet unavaiable’. But I see her main posts. Can tweet her and everything, she even responds but her responds are “tweet unavaiable” and didn’t get notif about it.. the heck?

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    • I’ve no idea what’s going on there, that does sound strange. It’s quite possible that Twitter uses the “tweet unavailable” message for other things that I haven’t discovered yet.


  4. I’m seeing it show up when I read a tweet by someone I follow who has apparently been blocked by the person to whom it was a direct tweet. In other words, I can read the tweet in my feed, but it doesn’t appear along with other tweets in the feed of the person to whom it was directed.


    • I’m not *quite* sure what you mean. I’ve only ever seen this appear within a quote tweet – and it certainly indicates if someone else has been blocked, yes. But it also sounds like you’re describing something slightly different…? Don’t forget that any ad blocker can also affect tweet visibility (though I don’t think it affects the presence or absence of the ‘this tweet..’ notification.


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