How to add a reference to Wikipedia

Usually I use ProveIt, an in-Wikipedia editing support tool that makes it easier to reference information added to the encyclopedia. It’s not working at the moment (doesn’t seem to be related to my Ad Blocker) which means I have to do it manually.

Sadly this just makes me want to punch everything and then throw it out the window – Wikipedia has the worst user interface I’ve ever encountered. It’s comically bad and the fact that the site devotes many, many pages to how to do simple tasks on Wikipedia is indicative. Having said that I definitely have Stockholm Syndrome for the site and love it unconditionally. Tragic.

Here, for my benefit and perhaps yours, is a screenshot of how a reference looks in-action, then a screenshot of it broken into its component parts and a text version for me to copy and paste and update with new information for a new reference. What a fiddly fiddle.



cite web
title=Royal Albert Hall presents Casino Royale in Concert World Premiere
publisher=Royal Albert Hall
date=17 May 2017
accessdate=21 May 2017


How to ‘pipe’ a reference

Another thing I always having to sodding well look up is how to point to something that needs disambiguating. Wikipedia’s guide to how to make a Piped Link (which involves one of these | ).

[[train station|station]] displays as station but links to the train station Wikipedia article.

How to add bullet points
It’s literally a * in front of the line – this is also used to indent your comment if you’re replying to someone on a talk page.