About this blog
On my main blog (brodiesnotes / Stuff that occurs to me) I write about all sorts of things that interest me which includes how to do various mildly techy things. As these posts are scattered throughout the blog I thought I’d organise them, and update them, here. This blog is aimed at people who want to find out how to do something but who aren’t necessarily nerdy at the level of ‘developer’ or ‘coder’. From the information that tells me what people have been searching for (which leads them to my blog) it’s clear that a lot of people have questions about Twitter basics. For more technical queries about Twitter I recommend the forum for Twitter developers https://twittercommunity.com/

This isn’t just about Twitter though – I’ll copy over info from my posts about Word, Excel and other bits and pieces that I’ve discovered.

About the author
I’ve always been reasonably good at finding out how something works and then telling people about it. This has been useful in my career as a science communicator but is also helpful in my hobby of explaining how to do stuff on a computer.

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