Can you stop someone from seeing your tweets?

No. Well, only if your account is private (ie you’ve protected your tweets so that only confirmed followers can view them). Remember that public tweets sent in reply to your private ones are visible and may give information away about what you’re doing or what you’ve said.

Blocking someone cannot stop them from viewing your tweets if your account is public, there are many workarounds for them to view your tweets.

If you’re using official Twitter apps such as Twitter for desktop or Twitter for iPhone etc then it will look like you can’t see the tweets of someone who’s blocked you (from which you might reasonably infer that a blockee can’t see your tweets either) – but you can and they can.

Workarounds including using a different app (the versions of Echofon, Janetter and Osfoora that I have on my iPhone let me see the profiles of quacks who’ve blocked me), searching for the username (eg they’d type from:yourname into the search box to see your tweets), using another account, logging out or searching for your Twitter handle on Google.

Further reading

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