Taking a screenshot

This was originally posted on my main blog ‘How to take screenshots‘ which I’ve copied here and edited slightly.

How to take screenshots
On desktop computers you may want to INCLUDE the tweet’s URL (in the address bar) but NOT display your bookmarks too. If so you can use the VIEW option in the browser to temporarily hide the bookmarks toolbar (and any other toolbars) to neaten the captured image. You can also resize the entire window and use the Ctrl+- (the Ctrl or Command* key plus the hyphen key) to reduce the size of the text on the screen. Ctrl++ (Ctrl / Command and the + key) to embiggen it again 🙂

*Command = for Mac keyboards

To take a screenshot on a Windows desktop PC or laptop
• Look for ‘Print Screen’ on the keyboard which is likely to be spelled Prt Scr.
• Press it to take a picture of the entire screen or press the Alt key first and then Prt Scr to take a snapshot of just the active window.
• This silently copies an image of the screen, or part of it, to the clipboard (it doesn’t send it to the printer)

I always use the free Paint / Paintbrush picture editing tool that’s bundled with Windows and the ‘how to use’ that is probably the subject of a different post but – briefly – Ctrl+V will transfer the copied image from the desktop and paste it into the Paint editing window, then click on any of the tool options then click on the selection tool.

To select the bit you want to keep start at one bit (eg top left) and click and drag to cover the area of interest. Press Ctrl+C to copy that (it’s now in the clipboard) and you can put that in a Word document or email, or save it as an image by opening a new Paint document (Ctrl+N) and then Ctrl+V to paste your clipping in and then save it.

To take a screenshot on a Mac laptop

Note that ‘Command’ = the ⌘ key
Command+Shift+3     Capture the entire screen to a file
Command+Shift+Control+3     Capture the screen to the Clipboard
Command+Shift+4     Capture a selection to a file
Command+Shift+Control+4     Capture a selection to the Clipboard
Source: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1343

You can use the Preview tool (free with Macs) to do some basic editing of the image.

To take a screenshot on an iPhone
Press the on/off button (at the top right) and the ‘home screen’ button at the bottom. This will copy whatever’s on your screen to your camera roll which you can then email to yourself (private) or upload to image sharing services (public).

To take a screenshot on an Android phone (v4.0 and above)
Press and hold the power and ‘volume down’ buttons simultaneously – h/t @ErisianLib
More at http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/google-android/3446798/how-take-screenshot-on-android-phones-tablets/

To take a screenshot on a Samsung S3 Mini
Press and hold the ‘home’ and ‘on/off’ (power) button simultaneously – thanks to @Jackpot73 for the info. 

To take a screenshot on a Windows 8.1 phone
Press ‘power button’ and ‘volume increase/up’ at the same time – info from @Flatsquid, thank you

To take a screenshot on a Sony phone
It’s power and volume down simultaneously, according to @clangyandjammy – thanks


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