How often should I tweet?

The basic rule on Twitter is that you tweet as you please and others can decide whether or not to follow or engage with you.

This works fine for personal accounts (the focus of this blog) but perhaps less so for professional accounts (not really the focus of this blog). In general I wouldn’t recommend sending out streams of tweets in one go as you’ll take up a lot of room in your followers’ timelines. If you’re live-tweeting an event it’s courteous to let your followers know that they can mute you or the hashtag you’re using.

You can tweet the same information and / or link several times by varying the text that accompanies the link, or adopting conventions like ‘for the afternoon crowd’ or ‘ICYMI’ (in case you missed it). These types of strategies are often used by journalists and news accounts too.

A nice thing I’ve seen people do is send a tweet and then a few minutes later send another one that refers to the first. Someone might catch the second or third tweet, be intrigued, and track backwards to see what was said originally.

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